Local driver’s licences to receive added features

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Further modifications are to be made to the Antigua & Barbuda Driver’s Licence in order to improve the security features in keeping with international standards.

Acting General Manager of the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB) Hubert “Junie” Jarvis said discussions have started with the Ministry of National Security and the Immigration Department with regards to the changes which ought to be made to the document.

He said the card, in its current form, could easily be tampered with and improvements will be made to reduce those chances.

“As it stands now, it can be duplicated because it does not have a lot of security features. We want to reach a stage where it is virtually tamper proof. We have already signed off on something; it’s just the funding to get it up and running,” Jarvis said.

Jarvis said the Immigration Department has, in principle, accepted the new changes to the card and it is now a matter of securing the necessary funding to complete the process.

More in today’s Daily Observer. 

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