Local businesswoman advises residents to be more vigilant

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A local entrepreneur whose business has been repeated robbed and vandalized is advising the public to exercise vigilance where their businesses and properties are concerned.

Rosaline Etienne, the owner of Rain Boutique Clothing store, reached out to OBSERVER media earlier this week to plead with the culprits to cease their illegal actions, not only at her store on St. Mary’s Street, but at her home as well.

Etienne shared her frustration on the matter which she says has been occurring at her store and home for over 10 years. She called on neighboring business places, patrons and the general public to keep an eye out.

According to Etienne, her business and home have been hit by a well-planned elaborate scheme despite the many security measures she has taken.

Her frustration rose this past week when the Visa card machine at her business was tampered with.

The businesswoman revealed believes someone on the inside is also involved in this scheme, because copies of keys, tampered padlocks, severed wires for the security monitors, and access to her security code, could only have been known and acquired by someone close to her, or the security company she now uses.

Although she did not reveal the name of that company, she is pleading with officials there to be more honest and to conduct a proper investigation into the matter.

An official police investigation is reportedly underway.   

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