Leroy King’s extradition order takes effect today

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Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, has confirmed that the United States Embassy in Barbados has made contact with him concerning effecting the extradition order on fugitive at large, Leroy King, which takes effect today, November 6th.

 “Now that Leroy King has exhausted all the appeals to which he is entitled, the government is left with no other option but to comply with the order of the Privy Council,” Benjamin said.

On Monday, the country’s final court ruled against King’s request to quash the 2009 extradition order signed by then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer.

The government, through the departments of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, will turn King over to US authorities to face 11 wire and mail fraud charges.

The former head of the Financial Regulatory Services (FSRC) has been charged by United States authorities with committing acts of facilitation in the US $7 billion Ponzi scheme involving the already convicted R Allen Stanford.

King, whose legal battle began in the Magistrates’ Court, now faces imminent extradition proceedings.

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