Leroy King gets more time in his fight to prevent his extradition

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The Cabinet says it was informed that the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court has given Leroy King permission to appeal a decision that took authorities one step closer to extraditing him for fraud.
King is the former administrator of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) and he is facing 11 wire and mail fraud charges for allegedly facilitating the US $7 billion Ponzi scheme by Allen Stanford.
OBSERVER media has confirmed that contrary to additional notes issued by the Cabinet though, King’s challenge is not against any ruling of the court of appeal since no such ruling was ever made by that court. In fact, he is challenging a high court judgment.
That judgment was by Justice Darshan Ramdhani who in April said, having reviewed King’s arguments, he saw no reason why either King’s claim for constitutional relief or the application for leave should be allowed.
The Cabinet is estimating that the next hearing, followed by a period for decision-making or judgment by the court of appeal, may be as long as two years from this date.
King was ordered extradited several years ago but his numerous appeals, which are allowed in law, have stalled the process.
Stanford was a Texan billionaire operating businesses in Antigua for many years. In 2009 he was charged for the Ponzi Scheme and later convicted. He’s now serving a 110 year prison sentence in the US.

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