Lava, Stonewall, Theatrical Lighting and Raeburn threaten Festivals Commission over debt owed

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The Event Production Group is threatening to suspend all services to the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission if debts due since 2011 are not settled in whole or in part by today.
The group provides the commission with the stage for Carnival City, lighting, sound and generator services.
The principles of the group are Stonewall Reloaded International, Raeburn Generator, Services, Theatrical Lighting and Lava International, issued the threat on Tuesday.
OBSERVER media is in possession of the letter to the commission, dated August 1st.
But, up to moments ago, the Minister of National Festivals E.P Chet Greene said he was unaware of the development.
This threat comes just days after the commission was issued an ultimatum by the pan association that its members will not perform if its demands for pay, a bigger stage and other things.
They were advised they will receive their monies and the commission will no longer penalise them for taking too long to leave the stage.

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