Lake sworn in as newest member of the Upper House

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The newest member of the Upper House has been sworn in.
Thirty-three-year-old Aziza Lake, who is a full time, card holding member of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) took an oath of allegiance at around 9:30 this morning at Government House.
United Progressive Party (UPP) Senator Damani Tabor congratulated Lake on her appointment and said he is interested in how she will serve in the Senate as a well-known and respected activist.
“It is going to be quite interesting to see how one balances their world wisdom and their presumable knowledge of the real economic challenges and other issues with the party obligations to censor speech and to tow a certain line,” Tabor said yesterday on OBSERVER AM.
Lake, who is a known advocate for LGBT and women’s rights, has replaced former ABLP senator Wigley George, who was dismissed last year, after he spoke out against the Statutory Corporations General Provisions Bill after it was sent back twice to be passed by the Upper House.
Tabor said he is hoping that Lake will not have to go the same route as George for speaking up on certain issues.
“I hope the young lady does well and doesn’t have to go the way of Wigley George who expressed his frank and honest opinion,” he said.
Lake is one of the youngest persons appointed to the Senate and will make her first appearance there next Wednesday.

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