Kem Hodge released from police custody

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Kem Hodge, a technician who works with the Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) aligned Crusader Radio, was released without charge Wednesday afternoon, after being held overnight at St John’s Police Station.

Hodge was being held in connection with an ongoing investigation of a video, admittingly created by UPP caretaker, George Wehner. 

The video showed several pictures of ministers of government with bull’s eyes on their foreheads.

Police have said that they are investigating the matter based on a possible violation of the Electronics Crimes Act.

Hodge is suspected of helping to create and publish the video on the UPP’s Facebook page.

If Hodge is further needed in connection with the video investigation, Hodge’s attorney, Leon “Chaku” Symister, said police have promised to contact one of his attorneys, which would either be Symister or Charlesworth Tabor.

Meantime, police have held on to a laptop and a mobile phone that they confiscated from the technician’s residence during a search operation.

Hodge, according to Symister has been instrumental in operating the UPP’s Facebook page, particularly the images he put up of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Meantime, Wehner maintains that the video speaks to ministers being removed from office legitimately at the polls and has since offered an apology to anyone who, he said, may have been affected adversely by its publication.  He also claimed that it was not a personal attack nor was it an act of terrorism.

He, too, was arrested without charge in early December 2016, after the video was condemned by Parliament during the last Lower House sitting of the year.

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