Kanabis Sound to battle in world’s biggest sound clash

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In the sound system domain, Kanabis Sound out of Antigua is making big strides as the entertainment team is slated to participate in what is described as the biggest Clash in the world.

Deon “Real Stingaz” Dunning and Laurance “Jelly Belly” Mason left the island yesterday afternoon to participate in the Armageddon Clash 2020, a musical competition which will be taking place at the National Park Tarmac, Georgetown, Guyana, at 10 pm on Saturday.

 “We are very patriotic when it comes to defending Antigua in the music business so…we are doing this for our country and the fans that believe in us over the years,” Dunning told OBSERVER media.

He also shared that this is their second time participating in the competition and, last year, “we came close to winning last year but this year we plan to bring home the trophy”.

Furthermore, manager of the sound system Glenn “Madd Dawg” Francis explained that “this isn’t only a great opportunity for Kanabis but this opens the doors for all of Antigua’s DJs as it shows the world how talented Antigua is in music.

“Winning would expose Antiguan sound culture even more to the rest of the world and create more opportunities and bookings for us and the rest of Antigua’s top DJs. Sound clash fans worldwide will be watching this event.”

Meanwhile, giving remarks on behalf of Empire Media Inc (EMI), Coordinator for Armageddon Clash 2020, Keston Tyrell explained that the Clash will feature six champion sounds competing for GYD $1 million.

Competing will be Notorious International Sound, Armageddon 2018 and 2019 Champion Dynamq Sound (from South Sudan Africa); 2018 US Rumble and 2019 War in the East Champion Trinity Sound; Destination Badda Dan Guyana Champion Kanabis Sound (from Antigua); Pain & Sorrow 2019 Champion Exodus Nuclear, Turbo Sounds of Steel Champion and Firehouse Int, and Art of War 2019 Champion.

The event is expected to attract about 6,000 people.

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