Judge rules that two prisoners must remain imprisoned in remissions case

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By Latrishka Thomas

Judgement in the case of two prisoners, Gideon Jackson and Bryan Frederik Soerowidjojo, was granted in favor of the respondent, the Superintendent of Prison.

The two convicted killers were among eight prisoners who were released from Her Majesty’s Prison in March of this year on the grounds of remission which was granted by Attorney General, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin.

However, when that remission was rescinded, only three of the men were sent back to prison.

The third was Umberto Schenato who was found guilty of murder.

Later that month, Attorney Charlesworth Tabor filed an application called a “habeas corpus ad subjiciendum” in the court on behalf of the two men           

The matter was heard in the High Court yesterday by High Court Justice Marissa Robertson who was recently assigned to the jurisdiction.

Justice Robertson ruled that the two convicted killers should remain in custody of the respondent.

Justice Robertson cited that the attorney general does not have the right to grant a remission and the reason for its subsequent revocation provided in his correspondence was not substantial.

Tabor, the applicant’s attorney, is in clear disagreement with the judge’s decision.

Soerowidjojo was convicted and sent to Her Majesty’s Prison on June 17, 2011 for murdering homeowner, Lyndon Browne, during a burglary of the victim’s home.

Former policeman Jackson was jailed on July 14, 2016 for killing Dorothy Prince during an armed robbery at her workplace.

They had pleaded guilty to murder and manslaughter respectively, and Soerowidjojo got a sentence of 16 years imprisonment while Jackson was sentenced to 12 years.

The other offenders who were released are Derrick Brady, Mandela Samuel and Osuide Simpson as well as fraudster, Emerlene Henry, and career animal thief, Kenrick Wiltshire.

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