Jail-time, fines and licence suspension for traffic offenders

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Be warned and be careful, are the two bits of advice of the Traffic Court in St. John’s, as Magistrate Dexter Wason clamps down on dangerous/reckless drivers including those who drive without insurance, among other things.
Between Wednesday and yesterday, he fined, jailed as well as suspended the licences of several drivers convicted for traffic offences.
This move is a reflection of the court’s openly stated abhorrence of the trend of people breaking the traffic laws and causing injuries to others and damage to other people’s property.
Among those convicted between Wednesday and Thursday are Deily Matos, Clive Oliviera, Joycelyn Browne and Leroy Spencer.
Matos was convicted for dangerous driving and after he pleaded guilty, he was ordered jailed for seven days.
Additionally, he has to pay a fine of $1,000 by November 5, and once he’s out of jail, he’s forbidden from driving again for a year, ending October 18, 2019.
He’s the driver who, on May 15, took to the wheel of his vehicle, although he was very tired, and he fell asleep while driving. He crashed into the wall outside Government House on the Cross Street section some time around 3 o’clock that morning.
Clive Oliveria on the other hand, has had his driver’s licence suspended for three months, on conviction for dangerous driving.  He too has been fined $1,000.
Similarly, Jocelyn Browne of Potters who was driving without insurance, was fined $1,000 and is barred from driving for the next three months.
The woman told the court that she took up the vehicle to get medication for a six-year-old child who was sick. And, Leroy Spencer, who crashed into Browne’s vehicle on December 29 last year, on Herberts main road, was fined $1,000 to be paid within one week and his driver’s licence has been suspended for one month.
Two other defendants – Jumba Silcott and Alvin Phillip – have been remanded for sentencing on October 24 for driving offences.

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