Isaac’s committal pushed back again

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Former executive secretary of the Board of Education, Gisele Isaac will have to wait another two weeks to find out if she will face a judge and jury on 18 charges of larceny.
On May 19, 2016, Isaac was slapped with six separate counts of larceny, corruption and conversion, in connection with pay raises she received during her tenure at the Board.
Isaac said when she turned up to the St John’s Magistrates’ Court anticipating a decision on whether she will face a judge and jury for the 18 charges, the magistrate gave certain directives.
“We did all our paper submissions and when I went there hoping for the judgement, I was surprised he called the prosecutor and Justin Simon QC in to tell them that he wanted to hear arguments. So, they did their oral submissions and adjourned and said he would give his judgement on April 25,” Isaac said.
Wednesday was supposed to be the final date to inform Isaac if she would stand trial in the High Court.
Additionally, former minister of education Bertrand Joseph has been added to the list of witnesses for the Crown.
While the attorney did not object to Joseph being added to the witness list, Isaac said Simon questioned the relevance given that the minister’s tenure ended before the alleged crime was committed.
Isaac is being pursued for salary raises she reportedly approved for herself between 2010 and 2014.
The United Progressive Party Chairman is on $200,000 bail for this offence and was required to pay $50,000 to be released from police custody.

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