INTERNATIONAL: Dad who raped daughters given 40-year term at Swansea Crown Court

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According to the BBC a man from south west Wales was found guilty of repeatedly raping two of his daughters and one of the girls they subsequently gave birth to.

The man, who cannot be named to protect his victims’ identity, showed no emotion as he was sentenced.

Judge Paul Thomas QC told him: “Your behaviour was totally evil.”

He jailed the man to 33 years with a further seven years to be served on extended licence.

During the trial, the court was told the defendant “groomed” his two daughters, and a daughter subsequently born as a result, into having sex with him by acting as a “psychic” who sent them emails telling them what to do.

The man also organised the rape of one daughter by his friend, as he watched.  

DNA tests showed he had fathered at least six of his own daughter’s children, one of whom he went on to abuse.  

He claimed it was the girls who were blackmailing him and the sex was consensual because he did not know they were his own children.

Judge Thomas had previously said it was among the worst cases he had been involved with.

He told the man: “What you did to your family over a period of around 20 years plumbed the depths of depravity. 

“You have left your victims, your daughters, with their lives in pieces.

“You raped them countless times, well into the hundreds.

“You took advantage of their extreme vulnerability caused by their age and circumstances and abused them cynically, mercilessly, evilly.

“In short, you are as cowardly as you are wicked.”

Hayley Fackrell from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “These sickening acts of abuse were carried out by a person that was supposed to protect and care for the victims, but instead he systematically controlled their lives, grooming them for his sexual gratification.”

He will not be eligible for release for 22 years. The extended sentence means the man will be eligible for recall to prison, should he be released, until he is 100 years old.

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