Information Ministry staff walk off the job

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Operation hours at the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting Telecommunication and Information Technology headquarters has been reduced to four hours, starting today.
This development came after administrative staff walked off the job citing poor sanitary conditions at the Sealy Building on Sir George Walter Highway.
Yesterday, workers said, following a meeting with the Permanent Secretary, a decision was made to shorten the workday to commence from 8 a.m. to noon.
The employees indicated this will be for the rest of the week until alternative arrangements can be made, including an allowance to take frequent breaks to get fresh air.
Workers walked off the job within the first hour of their shift due to what they said is poor health conditions.
OBSERVER media arrived at the site and met approximately 20 employees outside of the Sealy Building. They refused to continue working inside because they said it is filled with mold and what they termed as “sewage water,” coming from the kitchen taps.
One woman described the water as “sugar honey iced tea.”
“Day in and day out people come here feeling well, and before its time to go home, we sick, hoarse, eyes are burning and itchy. The water in the kitchen stinks,” one employee said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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