Immigration Chief says department never considered hiring Jamaican visitor

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Authorities say that the request for a Jamaican visitor to be considered for a position as an Immigration Officer was a mistake.
Senator Colin James wrote a letter to Chief Immigration Officer Annette Mark requesting that the Jamaican woman be considered for an available position within the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department.
Mark has told OBSERVER media that the contents of the first letter were retracted with a second letter which solely asked for an extension on the visitor’s stay in Antigua and Barbuda.
She clarified that no consideration was ever given to Shernett Reid of Lighfoot for a place in the country’s Immigration Department.
The first letter dated July 31st letter discloses that Jamaican passport holder Shernett Reid, will need a three-month extension on her stay in the country as it would’ve expired 3 days ago on August 12th.
The letter did not include Reid’s qualifications for a place within the country’s Immigration Department which is responsible for securing national borders while welcoming lawful immigrants, visitors, and trade.
Mark also said the first letter sent by Senator James was ‘clearly a mistake’ and the department “operated within the ambits of the law and did an assessment”.
She did not reveal if the woman’s stay was granted by the department.
Mark, the current Vincentian-born Chief Immigration Officer handed in her resignation on July 10 and later confirmed that she has no intention to extend her contract which expires on October 15, 2017.

Please find the letter below:

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