Immigrant associations urged to protest new work permit fees

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The second in command at one of the main trade unions on the island has called for local associations representing immigrants to denounce the recently revised work permit fees.

The call from Deputy General Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) Chester Hughes came amidst complaints from members of the union who say they are not comfortable with the revised fees.

“The Guyanese association, the Jamaica association, the Hispanic association — they must speak out. It should not just be a union; they must speak out because the government went to these same individuals and solicited their vote,” he said.

The union official said the ABWU is fully on board; however, it will not take the lead on the matter out of concern its efforts would be labelled “politically motivated”.

According to the new schedule of work permit fees, which came into effect on February 1, some categories of workers are paying less for the document, while many others are paying more.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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