‘I was a bit fearful’: Tyson admits returning after October collision was mentally tough

Antigua and Barbuda kite-boarder, Tiger Tyson
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By Neto Baptiste

A return to competition following his almost season-ending collision in October was not an easy one for kite-boarder, Tiger Tyson.

Tyson collided with another athlete during a test run of a course ahead of the Formula Kite World Championships in Italy in October. The incident put the athlete out of competition for about a month which resulted in him missing the said tournament.

Tyson said he was fearful ahead of his first outing following recovery.

“At the time I was thinking that I am starting early and my shoulder is not 100 percent but I just got back into it slowly and just went out for light little sessions, but after a short period of time I felt fine. I got my confidence back and luckily I didn’t really have any fear. I was worried that I might have some fear of going back into racing because of what happened but, luckily, I didn’t,” he said.

Although his right hand was placed in a sling for a few weeks, Tyson suffered no broken bones and was afforded the opportunity to join the tournament’s commentary team.

The athlete still remembers the incident like it was yesterday.

“It was the day before racing was about to begin and we were doing a practice race. Basically, something happened that I wasn’t expecting to happen and I collided with someone in the air at quite a high speed. I knocked him side-on with my shoulder into his back which caused me to stretch a ligament in my shoulder as well as bad compression in my chest and that took me out for a month and a-half,” he said.

Tyson, two weekends ago, grabbed a second place finish in the pro division of the Caribbean Foiling Championships held in St Martin to bring his season to an end.

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