‘I haven’t given up the 200m – Greene

Cejhae Greene
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By Carlena Knight

National sprinter Cejhae Greene says despite the fact that the majority of his focus is going towards the 100m event, he is still very much interested in the 200m race.

Greene, over recent years has seen much success in the 100m event, having racked up a number of first place finishes.

He ran under sub-10 twice and qualifified for the Olympics, but the 25-year-old is confident that he could even qualify in the 200m sprint.

“I actually ran a 200m earlier this season. I ran 20.86 in it. It was my first one. Boy, I was rusty,” Greene joked because I hadn’t run one in so long. “I do plan to squeeze it in a few here and there because I do plan on qualifying for that as well,” he shared.

He says however that its quite difficult scheduling 200m events as most times as a professional athlete he is invited to meets due to his 100m performances.

“Obviously, I am known more as a 100m threat, so the invitations you get to these meets are normally for the 100m because that’s what they know me for. Plus, it’s kind of hard to turn down a 100m race where you know you might win and make a name for yourself; and even win a little bit of money over running the 200m where you know, they aren’t really inviting you for that, and probably might not pay you for it, so that’s where it gets a bit tough,” Greene explained.

Greene was speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports show

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