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Home Economics eConference

The Caribbean Association of Home Economists Inc will be holding its 24th biennial conference over a three–day period, starting March 28th 2021.

The conference will be a virtual event which will enable the grouping to extend their coverage, since they will not be constrained by the limits imposed by physical facilities to accommodate delegates, costly overseas travel or complex logistical arrangements for guest speakers.

This year’s meeting will feature an exciting panel of presenters representing a diverse cross-section of regional and international professionals in the field.

Guided by the theme, “Home Economists’ Mindset Reset: Navigating the ‘New Normal’,”the featured speaker on Day 1 will be Dr Peggy O’Neil, a lecturer at Brescia University College in Ontario, Canada.

A webinar entitled, Disruptive Technologies: Tools for the Virtual Classroom, as well as the chronicling of Home Economists’ lived experiences from around the region, on how they navigated the new normal, will be the main feature on Day 2.  

On Day 3, the sessions will include a discussion on, Young Home Economists Embracing The Tap Ah Yuh Yard Era, Opportunity and Challenge, among other fascinating discourses.

It promises to be a most interesting confab.



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