Hold ‘Tight’ as recording artiste Janine makes a splash on new all-female soca riddim out of the US

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L-R Antigua and Barbuda’s very own Janine (Photo by Soley Leve Production Team), Tynie (Photo by Soley Leve Production Team), Sistaron (Photo by Soley Leve Production Team), Ria Black (Photo by Soley Leve Production Team)
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Popular soca artiste Janine is making noise in the local entertainment industry with the release of her new song ‘Tight’.

It’s the first soca release for the year by the veteran artiste who has been a vocalist for over 20 years, gracing many local stages and electrifying audiences with her standout vocals and moving performances.

‘Tight’, which is a fusion of zouk and kompa, blends perfectly on the Soley Leve Riddim that was created by Aromatic Tracks & Tynie Music – Vincentian born, New-York based producers.

Janine explained that ‘Soley Leve’ means ‘sunrise’ and it was produced with the intention of being an all-female riddim, showcasing artistes from different islands. Sistaron, Ria Black and Tynie are all featured on the riddim.

“I was actually referred to Tynie by a mutual colleague of ours, WiLDFiRE, who is also an artiste, producer, and vocal engineer extraordinaire. I was then contacted by Tynie and we spoke about the possibilities of making this happen,” Janine explained.

When asked about the working experience with the other artistes, she said, “It was beautiful working with likeminded women in the industry, women who are passionate about their art, professional, and share the same joy making music.

“Working with the entire team responsible for this project was an absolute pleasure and being able to network and learn from everyone else was an experience that I will always hold near and dear to me.”

Producer and artiste of the Soley Leve Riddim Tynie said, “This project was very organised, well planned and very informative. I expect the riddim to go as far as it can reach. It’s definitely a classic in my book. The riddim is so relatable that the impact it has on our listeners is powerful, it reflects what happens in reality.

“This riddim also impacted us emotionally, setting the moods and establishing a feeling that is either currently happening or has happened before. Janine was smooth sailing, she is always cheerful, her spirits were always positive and high, and it was a great vibe from start to finish.”

Those sentiments were felt by artistes across the region who appeared on the riddim.

“As an artiste, it’s a great feeling when you’re recognised as someone your peers would consider for their riddim. That being said, I was very excited to be on this project.

“When I found out it would be an all-female riddim, my excitement skyrocketed through the roof. I really don’t know if there are any riddims out there that showcase an all-female line-up and I must say we did our thing,” New Jersey-based Trinidadian artiste Ria Black added.

‘Tight’ has been doing well since its release with Janine amazed at how much viewership she had amassed in the first few hours of release – more than 1,000 views.

“The reception has been phenomenal. The project on a whole is also doing well. We were trending 24 hours after the release. I definitely want to thank the producers Tynie and Aromatic Tracks for having me be a part of the project; Demri Pelle for writing another great song. She’s responsible for Steady and Doh Mind. Always grateful and thankful to WiLDFiRE.

“The entire team responsible for the project and to everyone who has supported and continues to support me, I don’t take you for granted at all,” Janine added.

She is now gearing up to roll out some more releases for Antigua and Barbuda and the rest of the world, and said her mission is to create music that will have longevity and touch the world for years to come.

The Soley Leve EP and Janine’s other songs can be streamed on all streaming platforms and can also be watched on YouTube.

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