Hodges Bay residents uneasy about stone throwing attacks

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Residents in Hodges Bay are calling on the police to do two things with immediate effect: provide more patrols and be quicker in their responses to reports about suspicious criminal activities.

The complaining residents lament that, in recent days, malicious people have been throwing stones and bottles at their properties.

Two of the victims have taken to social media to talk about their experiences, while others have reported the matters directly to the police.

One of the homeowners, Alison Briggs, reported that shortly after 8 o’clock Thursday evening a stone was thrown into her son’s bedroom through the window, smashing it.

The stone landed on a chair in the room and fortunately, according to the woman, her son was not in it at the time.

She said the missile was hurled “with such a force that it made a clean hole in the screen and landed in this chair. Luckily he wasn’t sitting in it, otherwise this could have turned out very different.”

She said when they looked out, they saw the lights of a vehicle which sped off.

The woman said the street where she resides is usually busy at that hour. She therefore hopes someone saw what happened and reports it to the police.

Briggs added that her family knows of no reason why someone would do something so malicious to them.

In relation to that incident, the police confirmed that a complaint was made at Coolidge Police Station. The stone found at the scene measured eight inches in diameter.

In another incident in Hodges Bay last Thursday, some time between 7:30pm and 10:31pm, Jane Jack’s home was targeted by individuals who threw stones through her frosted glass sliding door.

The woman, who returned home to find the door shattered, also discovered two stones in her living room.

Lawmen were called to investigate, but no arrest has yet been made in connection with that incident.

On Sunday, David Theron Jardine also took to social media to report that shortly after 11 a.m. that day two houses between Hodges Bay and Royal Gardens were hit by missiles from an unknown source.

He said in one case a beer bottle was hurled at a house and in the other a stone was used.

“One of these had a trajectory that came close to my father-in-law who was sitting on the verandah. I called the Langfords Police Station to give as much information as I can in an effort to try to locate the culprits. At least one person driving through the area saw three young boys on bicycles,” he stated.

Not long afterwards, video footage was posted on social media showing three boys on bicycles travelling through the street. One of them rode ahead while a second one stopped and picked up a stone and handed it to a third one who threw it towards a house.

Another resident on the social media thread indicated that three boys were riding through his area the same day when he heard a loud “thump” on the roof.

Residents in the communities have expressed their outrage on social media and are calling on the authorities to immediately address the situation.

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