Hispanic woman faces charges for assaulting nurse during quarantine

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A Hispanic woman who has been at the centre of controversy for breaching quarantine protocols has found herself in more trouble with the law, as she is now being charged with assault and battery.

The charges are being brought against her by a medical practitioner, who claimed that the woman assaulted her while she was making routine checks at the Hawksbill Resort — one of the government’s bio-secure quarantine facilities.

According to reports, the nurse was punched and pushed by the woman, who also called her obscene names during the attack. A police officer stationed at the facility had to intervene and shielded the nurse during the physical assault.

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Nurses Association (ABNA) Soria Dupie-Winston spoke to Observer about the matter.

“The perpetrator followed the nurse, shouting derogatory statements and the nurse in question never answered the person and at one point in time the person assaulted the nurse afterwards. She pushed and punched the nurse,” she said.

Dupie-Winston condemned the act, saying that the woman should be dealt with accordingly.

“Well I, as the president, condemn this action taken by the said individual and the nurses are here on the frontline trying to ensure that they keep the country safe and we expect full charges to be laid against the person who assaulted, physically and verbally, the nurse.

“With any organisation, an attack on its members is something that must be condemned, especially in an effort to ensure that we carry out our daily work functions, so it’s not something that we expect should be happening, especially at this point in time,” the ABNA leader said.

Police public relations officer Inspector Frankie Thomas confirmed that the incident occurred last Friday at the Hawksbill resort. He said that a report was made at Grays Farm Police Station on the said day and police are carrying out investigations.

Immigration Minister EP Chet Greene and Prime Minister Gaston Browne have both stated that the woman will be deported from the country once she completes quarantine.

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