Health Ministry detects at least 40 fake vaccination cards

Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Approximately 40 Covid vaccination cards are said to have been falsified by a local nurse.

Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph confirmed that his ministry is currently investigating the matter and will turn it over to the police once their internal probe is complete.

Joseph, speaking on state media, said that “fortunately, it does not appear to be widespread in the context of vaccinating over 60,000 people … I don’t think we have identified any more than about 100. The numbers that we are aware of is about 40”.

The female suspect, reportedly from Ottos, is said to be the subject of the investigation where the fake temporary yellow cards were allegedly being sold for $1,700 each.

An employee of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre has confirmed that the woman, who also works at the hospital, was a volunteer at the vaccine sites.

According to the credible source, the crime was detected a week ago.

The health minister disclosed that the woman has been relieved of her duties until the matter has been resolved.

“The Permanent Secretary will take the appropriate action and obviously one of the things that will happen is that that person will have to be taken out of this service as well,” he said.

Joseph believes that all of the fraudulent cards will be identified in short order.

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