Grenada to increase labour force surveys

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Grenada’s Central Statistical office says it will be conducting more labour force surveys within the year instead of one annual exercise.
According to the press release from the Ministry of Finance this is in response to the increasing data needs of Grenada and the region. 
The Central Statistical Office say it will be increasing the frequency of conducting its Labour Force Surveys (LSF) from once a year to four times a year or once every quarter.
The quarterly survey that will start   this week will to divide the working-age population into three mutually exclusive classifications – employed, unemployed, and not in the labour force; provide descriptive and explanatory data on each of these classifications on a quarterly basis; and assess the level of poverty in Grenada using the multi-dimensional approach to poverty measurement.
The release said that LFS data are used to produce the well-known unemployment rate as well as other standard labour market indicators such as the employment rate and the participation rate. 
The LFS also provides employment estimates by industry, occupation, public and private sector, hours worked and much more.
“The data will be collected through face-to-face interviews with members (or a member) of the sampled households using the 2018 labour force survey questionnaire. The information provided by these respondents on the completed questionnaires will be used to produce a picture of the activities of the entire population for that quarter,” said the release which explained that persons conducting the survey were all training and had to take an oath of secrecy.
A Labour Force Survey is a household sample survey that provides estimates of employment and unemployment. 

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