Gov’t to make payout of $3.4 million to select workers on Jan 31

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The Cabinet release has announced that resources will be made available to the treasury in the amount of $3.4 million to settle outstanding payments owing to public sector and contractual workers.

According to the release, disbursements will be paid on January 31, 2020 to the following:

a. Central Board of Health Workers will be paid up to $500,000 in overtime payments due to them;

b. Quarry Workers who await their overtime payments will be satisfied up to $250,000;

c. Customs Officers will be paid overtime payments due, up to $1,000,000;

d. Clarevue Hospital Workers will be paid from $250,000 set aside for monies owed;

e. Carnival Prize Winners will be paid from $250,000 set aside;

f. Pan Competition Winners will be paid from $150,000 set aside;

g. National Solid Waste Management Authority workers and contractors will be paid from amounts totaling $1,000,000.

The release specifically outlined that the payments will be made to, “workers and artistes, who are owed primarily for overtime and allowances and prizes.”

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  1. This is one of the ways to shut you people up.Make promises and then when the date comes not fulfilled them.Let us see what really happens on January 31,2020.If those who are owed would be paid in full.To Gaston Browne,why not go to that Offshore Bank.Where the CIP funds are stored and withdraw the monies to pay all persons owed for years.You did it some months ago to pay salaries.How come the people do not know the amount of
    funds in those Offshore Banks.Why are Ministers of Government on Boards.While they are the heads of Ministries.Like NYAMCO is supposed to be a private company.However,the Chairman of that Board is a Minister in Cabinet.How much money do these fat greedy bastards need.They are making all of the money.While the ordinary person is suffering,daily.In my opinion they do not care one damn.


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