Give us an audience or else, say Kingdom Leaders

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A religious group calling itself the ‘Kingdom Leaders’ are demanding an audience with Cabinet over the government’s latest vaccine mandate.

Over 24 religious leaders which make up the group were fresh out of a 14-day prayer and fast, and along with demanding an audience to discuss the matter tomorrow, the group will also present Cabinet with an official document detailing its position against the mandate sometime today.

“We are now going forward to get this position paper to Cabinet and we are demanding an audience with them.  We are demanding an audience. We are not asking if we can meet with them, we are demanding an audience with them or else,” spokesperson for the group, Bishop Charlesworth Browne, said.

The group held a 14-day prayer and fast over the matter starting November 1 and they are pushing for religious exemption from the government’s mandatory vaccine policy, freedom of personal faith conviction, individual soul liberty and due regard for official church Constitutions/regulations.

They are of the view that other religious bodies, other than the Rastafarians, should be exempted from the mandatory vaccine policy.

It should be noted that other groups such as the Seventh-day Adventists have already indicated publicly that they will not be approving any exemption from the mandatory policy.

The government implemented the vaccine mandate for public sector workers in September in an effort to encourage the public to get inoculated to increase defenses against the Covid-19 virus.

A similar policy was then implemented shortly after for the private sector.

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