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Exactly to the day of the killing of Susan Powell, an admittedly broken-hearted relative of the murdered sales clerk is calling for fresh investigations into her death.
Powell, 38, was shot in the head at her workplace, First Gadget Electronics, in Heritage Quay.
Four years on, Faye Charlton, Powell’s sister, made the emotional appeal as she lamented that the probe into the February 26, 2013 tragedy seems to have gone cold, given that there has been no arrest and the family has not heard anything from the police for some time.
“I met with the commissioner of police early last year, and the attorney general, and they told me ‘yes we are working on it, I think we have a direction’, but up to now nothing has happened,” Charlton declared.
The grieving woman accused the police of giving her false assurances “to pacify her” when, in her view, they really “are not serious about fighting crime”.
She said she came to that conclusion because she observed their lack of “passion” when relatives and two businessmen offered to help investigators.
“We set up a non-profit organisation, Antigua and Barbuda Anti-Crime Association, and we met with the police and talked about putting up billboards for these victims. We offered to get the money to pay for the ballistics and evidence from Susan’s case to be sent off for testing and nothing happened, they don’t have the passion we have,” she recounted.
According to Charlton, on the last occasion when she spoke to the police, early 2016, the evidence was still in Antigua.
In addition to pleading to the police to redouble their efforts to solve the crime, Charlton is also asking the public to help bring closure to her family.
“I cannot believe that in the whole of Antigua that there is nobody who knows something. Please come forward. I have prayed so long for someone to see me on the street and tell me something, tip the police off, we want to know what happened and why,” she cried.
The dead woman’s sister said the tragedy is as painful today as it was when they got the news shortly after 1 pm that Powell, a mother of five, was gunned down.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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