Former missing teen fears crossing guard

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The mother of the most recent missing teen, Stephney Hughes, says her daughter stayed home and skipped school yesterday because she’s afraid of the crossing guard who is believed to have been involved in the 14-year-old’s recent disappearance.
Mother of the Princess Margaret School (PMS) teen, Shenika Williams-Scotland, told Observer media that her daughter “refused to come out of the vehicle yesterday morning because he [the crossing guard] was at the school.”
Hughes went missing on the morning of Thursday 21st February 2019 and returned home about a week later. Scotland said her daughter left home that morning for a PMS sports event and upon noting that it was getting late that evening she called the school to inquire. Some time later the neighbour’s daughter informed her that Hughes was in a nearby vehicle. Scotland and her husband attempted in vain to pursue the vehicle which sped off as they approached.
Scotland considers this tantamount to kidnapping, considering her daughter’s minor age of 14.
Scotland and her husband reportedly made detailed observations of the vehicle and shared that information with the police. Since then, the man thought to have been involved was questioned by the police and then released, the clearly disturbed mother said.
Outraged by this, Scotland says the police failed to provide a timely intervention or solution, and have allowed the man to roam free and return to work as a crossing guard at the school where her daughter is enrolled.
In the aggravated mother’s view, this poses a threat to other teenage girls.
“He is still working as a crossing guard . . . my child is not the first; I got information that there are other little girls that he interferes with as well,” she exclaimed.
The aggrieved mother is pleading to the police and other authorities for a solution to the matter or she will have to transfer her daughter to another school.

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