Former ambassador alleges that his daughter’s murderer ‘did not act alone’

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“We have reliable information that he did not act alone.” These were the allegations made by grieving father and former ambassador, Bruce Haille Goodwin, as he spoke on the eve of his daughter’s funeral, which will held in Antigua today.

Twenty-three-year-old Glenville Hodge of Island Harbour, Anguilla, was charged on September 11, three days after he allegedly murdered his former girlfriend, 27-year-old Taitu Kai Goodwin.

Ambassador Goodwin insists, however, that, “There were two accomplices assisting this demonic personality in this heinous crime.”

Although Goodwin also alleged that the police are aware of the possible involvement of additional persons in the crime, he stated that, “the police have not pursued that line of evidence”.

“We are waiting further news that the Anguilla police have gotten their hands on the other two accomplices.”

Adding to their frustrations, the Goodwin family was recently made aware that they will have to wait over two years for the murder trial to begin because of a “crowded schedule in the courts,” he told OBSERVER media yesterday.

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