Football Association Vote Suspended

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The anticipated elections for the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) has been postponed.
This has been confirmed by President, Everton Gonsalves, who said the original date of May 13 clashes with the date of the FIFA congress in Bahrain, which he must attend. The election is now set to take place one week later.
“Due to a clash of dates, the ABFA’s congress may have to be postponed to facilitate the FIFA congress with the new date being the 22nd which is just the following week. It’s [the election] going to take some work and we are going to have to get through some pre-election matters as to the ballots and what is happening in terms of the process, and so it’s going to be a real organised thing,” he said.
One presidential hopeful, Keithroy Black, released a seven-member slate on Tuesday, as he prepares for the pending vote.
Former executive members Joel Rayne and Edson Joseph have also expressed a desire to challenge for the top spot.
The election has also attracted a number of independent candidates, one of which is politician, Senator Chester Hughes, who is also the president of the Grenades Football Club.
Meanwhile, Gonsalves confirmed that the FA will be hosting its Champions League this year.
“It is on. As you know, because of all the transfers, the bruised egos and the returning home of a lot of players, some of the top clubs have indicated that they would not be fielding teams, but it’s an ABFA programme so when the ABFA says that the Champions League is on, then it is on,” he said.
“There is a meeting happening between the potential clubs [today] at 5 pm and so we will clear the air once and for all as to who is participating and what is going on,” he added.
Three Premier Division clubs have confirmed that they will not be taking part in this year’s Champions League. Grenades FC and Greenbay Hoppers FC, had previously confirmed their non-participation owing to their CFU Club Championships campaign, while this year’s top flight champions, Parham FC, have also indicated they will not play in the lucrative competition.
The ABFA Champions League is slated to kick off on Sunday.

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