Food supply likely to be impacted: A&;B loses major shipping service as Crowley exits region

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By Kadeem Joseph

[email protected]

Antigua and Barbuda has been left reeling from the announcement that one of the major shipping companies that delivers goods to the import-dependent twin island state will cease the service next month as a result of Covid-19 pressures.

On Tuesday, Port Manager Darwin Telemaque announced that Crowley Shipping will be pulling its service, and the move, he said, will significantly impact the country’s food imports.

He explained that Crowley served the region for “many, many years,” as one of two major companies, the other being Tropical Shipping, along with two other companies.

He said in the next two weeks Crowley will no longer be operating in Antigua & Barbuda.

However, Telemaque explained that there is hope with opportunities for the other three carriers to increase their services to Antigua and Barbuda.

“But that requires a change of interface, an upgrade in our overall spirits and attitudes and the understanding that at the end of the day that how we shape our port will be reflected in our outcomes down the road,” he added. “This is why we have coined the phrase that the port redevelopment is aimed to transforming the inland from the coastline.”

Observer also reached out to Crowley Shipping for comment on Tuesday, but was informed that the individual who could possibly speak on the development was out of office.

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