Five-day audit of government vehicles

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Over one thousand vehicles are expected to be checked during the five-day audit of government vehicles that began yesterday.
Shawn Thomas, communication specialist in the Ministry of Works, made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media.
According to him, the audit began on time, and for the first day there was a decent turn out.
Thomas said about 150 vehicles were audited on the first day.
“There are 12 auditing stations and the process is speedily executed,” he said.
He is urging public sector workers, who use government fleet vehicles to comply with the process.
 “Once you are issued or drive a government vehicle or you are responsible for a department to which a government vehicle would have been assigned, please ensure that that vehicle forms part of the audit this week.”
The works ministry official explained that the audit is just for public sector vehicles and not vehicles of statutory organisations or groups.
He added that another audit would most likely be conducted for vehicles of statutory organisations and groups. 
The current public-sector vehicle audit will continue until this Friday.
The audit is being conducted to assess the physical status of the vehicles, look at how effectively the ministries of government can manage the use of the vehicles, and manage the resources needed for use and maintenance of the vehicles.
Failure to submit vehicles for auditing will result in unaudited vehicles being refused fuel and maintenance services.

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