Fire official: ‘Carelessness’ causes Stables Nightclub fire

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Burning incense to “freshen up” his room, has now left Morris Barnes and three other people struggling to pick up the pieces after the unattended aromatic biotic material allegedly caused a major fire that burned down a wing of the Stables Nightclub in Cassada Gardens Friday afternoon.
A senior member of the fire brigade told OBSERVER media that the man admitted to leaving the incense burning in his room, and going to the bar at the club’s main building while the room was being aired out and freshened up.
The official, who does not have the authority to speak with the media, and thus could not be named, said that given the man’s statement, “carelessness” is what caused the fire since incense should be placed at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn.
The concrete and wooden property which was burned to the ground belonged to Fitzroy Green. The fire official said that the building was being used for storage and four people occupied four of its 16 rooms.
According to the official, the St. John’s Fire Department received a call about the fire at 3:25 p.m., but the person who made the report said that the fire was at a school in the area.
It was only when firemen got to the school that they realised there was no fire there. They left and went to where the smoke had eventually begun billowing into the sky.
By that time, the roof of the poorly maintained building had already caved in and there was nothing firemen could do to save the building, the official said.
He added that firemen contained the blaze and managed to put it out within two hours.
The occupants were not hurt physically, he said. They are all reportedly looking to recover any salvageable personal effects and government-issued identification cards, among other things.

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