Festivals Commission pays up 400k

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The Festivals Commission dug deep into its coffers on Thursday, and handed over $400,000 to the four companies demanding payment for services rendered for carnivals, past and present.
The money was paid by cheque after Stonewall Reloaded International, Lava International, Raeburn Generator Services, and Theatrical Lighting threatened to dismantle the stage at Carnival City. The companies, which form the Event Production Group, are owed money dating back to 2011, but they wanted to be paid a 50 per cent deposit for this year’s carnival.
The group’s spokesman, Cliff Williams, said that the Festivals Commission paid the money just after midday, and all services will be rendered to the government until the end of carnival.
“We want to thank the Festivals Commission for coming through. It shows that they are interested in the country’s culture,” he said.
“I am happy that they understood our position, and I am happy we were able to meet with the Cabinet to discuss it,” he added.
Meantime, Williams said arrangements have been made for a payment schedule, as the Festivals Commission tries to “pull the outstanding figures together.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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