Fernandez advises visitors against leaving valuables in plain view

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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

Minister of Tourism Charles “Max” Fernandez is advising visitors to Antigua and Barbuda to leave their valuables and important documents at their hotels or properly secured before they venture outdoors.

Fernandez was responding to the latest theft of travel documents from an Italian visitor who is stuck on Antigua and Barbuda until she can make proper travel arrangements.

Last week Friday, thieves broke into Rosalinda Scipioni’s car, which was parked at a popular beach, and stole her handbag containing the travel documents for her and her young son.

“I am not happy with it but we need to educate our visitors more that they shouldn’t leave valuables in plain sight of thieves. They must protect their belongings at all times,” the Minister of Tourism said.

Fernandez told our newsroom, “In these era of credit cards, sometimes these tourists walk around with hundreds of United States dollars. If someone steals a bag with $600, you think he is going to give it up? He may come back and look for more.”

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