Female rejects ‘unwanted suitor’ with stab to the back

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A young man was rushed to hospital yesterday afternoon after he was allegedly stabbed by a female outside the Best of Books store.

A witness, who spoke to OBSERVER media under condition of anonymity, said the victim was bleeding profusely from the injury to his upper left shoulder and was taken to the Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

The witness said that around 3:30 pm, a crowd of young people appearing to be in their late teens to early 20s was milling around the St Mary’s Street bookstore.

While there, the male victim was allegedly making passes at the young woman, who reportedly walked away from him.

The man pursued her, and allegedly continued making passes then turned away.

It was then the young woman allegedly pulled out what appeared to be “a six-inch blade knife” and stabbed him. She and her friends fled the scene while the victim went to sit in front the bookstore.

“Some people went to help him and to try control the bleeding,” the witness said, adding that the injury did not appear to be life-threatening.

“One of the students called the ambulance and he was sitting there bleeding from the back, but he was talking and alert until the ambulance came. The police came but the girl was gone; all the children had left,” the witness reported.

Up to press time, the suspect had not been taken in police custody.

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