Father of molested teen pleads for help

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The father of a child, who was allegedly raped by a police officer, is complaining that he is not getting the help he and his family need to cope with the effects of the incident.
The man said the incident has scarred his family and he wants the Directorate of Gender Affairs and other government groups to offer their support.
“I had a situation with my 13-year-old daughter who was raped by a police officer, and nothing has been put in place to protect her. She is left like a loose cannon at this present time…what has been put in place to help these young ladies from this happening, they are just left vulnerable to be attacked again…The child needs support,” he declared.
The man’s name is withheld because the Sexual Offences Act bars publication of any information that would identify a victim or a person who is accused, but not convicted.
The frustrated father opened up at a forum on Gender-based violence held by the Directorate of Gender Affairs Thursday night.
The Minister responsible for Social Transformation, Samantha Marshall described the situation as “unfortunate” but added that it was not the responsibility of the directorate to handle his daughter’s case.
“It is not a matter that automatically falls under the Directorate of Gender Affairs because it is not a domestic matter, and that is why family and social services division has been assigned and has been working along with your family,” she said.
The man, however, rebutted this, saying no one has approached his family to help.
In response, the minister said, “If it is that you need additional support, come and we will speak after and address that situation. The extent of the assistance will be counselling to assist you and your family, including your daughter to deal with this situation as much as possible.
She assured that the criminal charges against the accused cop is being handled by the court, while adding it cannot be addressed in any other way.
It is alleged that on two occasions last year the officer raped the child, on one of the occasions he allegedly kidnapped her.
The High Court granted him bail but it was later revoked after he allegedly interfered with a prosecution witness and went to the child’s school.

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