Family seeks answers three years after accident

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The March 22, 2014 road accident and the eventual death of 20-year-old Jannel Marcellin was more than his family had bargained for. Three years on, questions are still being asked about the case, which appears to have gone cold.
The Potters youth was struck from his pedal cycle by a white Toyota Vista on Queen Elizabeth Highway, while he was reportedly heading home in the evening.
Reports indicate that he hit the front windshield of the vehicle where his battered body remained until medical personnel arrived on the scene to transport him to the hospital.
He died about 10 days after undergoing surgery.
For Marcellin’s family the devastating ordeal remains fresh in their minds. This is due to the fact that charges are yet to be laid against the invidividual who was  behind the wheel of the car at the time of the accident.
Stepfather of the deceased Paul Medard said no information has been forthcoming from the police despite repeated  attempts to obtain such.
“They have never charged the driver, nothing was done. We also went to the insurance company to which the car was registered, we have been to mediation several times and have not gone through, right now we are waiting for the matter to be brought to trial,” Medard said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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