Family devastated by death of young man in road smash

Deceased Terrance Colbourne (left), his mother Daphne Colbourne (centre) and his brother Tasrin Colbourne (Photo contributed)
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By Latrishka Thomas

Twenty-five-year-old Terrance Colbourne who lost his life in a road accident on Friday is remembered by his family as being “a cool guy to be around”.

In fact, his elder brother Tasrin Colbourne told Observer that the last thing he heard him say before leaving that rainy night was “jus cool”.

Tasrin said that when he arrived at their Briggins Estate home that night “[Terrance] was just coming out of the bathroom and I told him, pipe on? And he said no so I told him okay den, bring in a bucket of water. He say, okay jus cool.”

He said that the last time he saw his “calm”, “quiet” and “hard working” brother was around 7.30pm before he left for the Pasta Box/ Dre’s Bar.

Tasrin also shared that the entire family is struggling to come to grips with Terrance’s death but their mother, Daphne Colbourne, is the one taking it the hardest because of their very close bond.

“Me have to be strong for she because everybody ah bank on me fuh be strong for she because everybody else a bruk dung.

“Arwe til a try get she fuh calm down but up to now she nuh really calm. This ah day three and she nuh sleep yet,” the soldier said.

Terrance, the youngest of four siblings, worked on the Shooting Range in Bethesda and also did construction and mechanical work.

The youngster, who was originally from All Saints, met his demise on All Saints Road, in the vicinity of Emmerson Drive, following a road smash at around 10.50pm on Friday.

He was reportedly travelling west to east in a white Toyota Corolla, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and collided head on with a culvert on the side of the road.

Firefighters cut him from the wreckage using the jaws of life. He was taken to Mount St John’s Medical Centre and was pronounced dead just before midnight.

Meanwhile, police are appealing to motorists to exercise caution when driving on roads that are visibly wet, under repair or have loose gravel.

Police spokesman Inspector Frankie Thomas said investigations into the cause of Friday night’s incident remained underway.

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