Expert hired for Barbuda Council HR audit

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Members of the Barbuda Council have been notified that an expert has been hired to conduct a human resource audit on the Council.

Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker said, “We want to get an expert in to do a report for us as to the personnel and the job descriptions so that they can produce a report to the Barbuda council.”

“We have some challenging times ahead and we have decided that we are going to embark immediately on the human resource audit of the Barbuda Council.”

The hope is that the report will allow the council to make some tough decisions about its staff complement and also make the system more efficient.

On March 27, there was a clean sweep by the four BPM candidates in the Barbuda Council elections to fill four vacancies on the local government body.

The winning candidates were sworn in on April 2 as follows: Calsey Beazer – Chairman of Works and General Purposes; Sharima Deazle – Chairman of Sports and Youth Affairs Committee; Jaclyn Frank – Chairman of Tourism and Culture Committee; and Freeston Thomas – Chairman of Utilities Committee.

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