Elections begin in Antigua

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Polling all across Antigua has so far been prompt in the start.
There are 17 constituencies, including Barbuda, and all electors are voting on the mainland for the first time in the twin island’s history.
At least one elector was turned away for wearing a party colour in St. John’s Rural South while in St. John’s Rural West, some electors were quite annoyed because a woman with a baby was given preferential treatment to vote this morning.
Those are the only issues, albeit minor, on the ground.

St. Philip North, Glanville Secondary School polling

Other voters, in a decently organized set up. There are assistants outside the station with the registered voters lists to provide aid in directing the electorate

Dean Jonas checking in at potters primary in St George

Voting began at the Liberta primary school in the St Paul’s constituency at 6:00am

Walren “The Rat-Buster” Barton was the first voter for St. Johns City South

St. Paul constituency. Liberta primary

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