Educator questions license and certification for teachers

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The Ministry of Education’s decision to introduce new certifications and licenses for teachers has been criticised by an educator as a mechanism that will lead to a brain drain.

On Tuesday, Minister of Education Michael Browne said, in the Budget Debate, that the ministry would be instituting a Teacher Certification and Licensure Board, which would certify and license teachers so that they can receive raises.

“Educators who satisfy the initial certification that will be put together by the board, will receive an extra EC $200 a month in remuneration…an initial certification is the professional certification.

“On attaining professional certification, which will last for three years, you will receive an extra $500 per month.”

Browne told the Parliament that this qualification is not mandatory, but if attained, could allow one to work abroad.

“The certification and license that we are creating is voluntary. Once you would have satisfied the requirement, you will be certified to any state in the United States or Canada that is the level that we are looking for,” the education minister said.

However, former Executive Secretary  of the Board of Education, D Gisele Isaac is concerned that certifying teachers with the mindset of working in the US or Canada may lead to a brain drain.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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