Education officer makes strong call for growth in agriculture sector

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The education officer in charge of agriculture programme in schools, Craig Cole, has cautioned the government that the “economic powerhouse” which it speaks of so eloquently cannot be achieved without the agriculture sector.

In fact, Cole declared that such an ambitious undertaking cannot be achieved “if food is not on the table”.

“Once you are begging from people, once you are buying from others and depending on others, you will never be considered an economic powerhouse. And, so, therefore you have to make sure that your people are well taken care of.”

Cole, who was speaking at the launch of a Food Handling Workshop for agriculture teachers, said that government continues to short-change agriculture in the areas of the National Budget and leadership.

He said it is crucial for the players in the sector to understand their role if Antigua & Barbuda will ever be able to achieve food security.

“Food security is often spoken of in grand words by our leaders. But, many of them do not understand what they are talking about when they speak of food security, because one of the greatest misconceptions that they have is that food security is just putting a project together. When you would have done that, you say we have achieved some level of food security. That is a waste of time. That is a joke,” Cole said.

The education officer said it is the responsibility of educators to guide the children who are the future of the nation.

More in today’s Daily Observer.


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