Duo fined $30K for drugs found in barrel they claimed to have been hired to collect

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By Latrishka Thomas

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Two men admitted to possessing and importing two pounds of cannabis found in a barrel, but claim they were doing a “job”.

Terran Buckley and Kemon Riviere now owe the state $30,000 each for committing the aforementioned crimes.

On August 23 2021, narcotics officers were conducting a routine search at the Deep Water Harbour when a K9 singled out a barrel.

Customs task force officers were alerted and the barrel was opened in the presence of the officers.

They discovered several food items but upon further inspection they found a white package containing a smaller black package which contained a substance resembling cannabis.

The barrel was resealed and placed in a police vehicle, but they subsequently received information that Buckley was trying to clear said barrel.

Officers approached him and asked if he was responsible for the container and he said yes, showing them a Tropical Shipping bill of lading bearing another name.

Buckley said he was hired to clear the barrel and was therefore allowed to call the person who gave him the job.

He was asked to bring the barrel to Hodges Bay.

The officer escorted Buckley and when they got to the location, they met Riviere who was waiting to load the barrel into a rental car.

They were both apprehended while the investigation continued.

A detailed search of the barrel revealed four white packages of weed valued at $24,000 in total.

When given a chance to speak, Buckley told Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, “I got a job from a gentleman. I don’t know the name of the gentleman. I went to the harbour and the barrel was found to have cannabis.”

He said that upon being arrested, he gave the police what little information he knew about his contractor but they were unable to find him.

“I’m sorry for this situation and I’m asking the court for mercy,” he ended.

Riviere also claimed to have been hired to transport the piece of cargo and expressed remorse saying “all I want is your mercy”.

They were each fined $30,000 which they must pay in six months or they will be jailed for 10 months.

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