Drought conditions affecting the island

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 Antigua and Barbuda is experiencing what is called a meteorological drought. And, conditions associated with this phenomenon are expected to worsen in the coming weeks.
Climatologist Dale Destin says it could even last up to six months.
According to the latest climate outlook, dry weather patterns will continue to dominate.
Destin says signs of the dry weather are becoming quite evident, with Potworks Dam transitioning from a water catchment to a temporary seasonal desert.
And, based on the latest round of forecasts, Antigua and Barbuda will likely be facing more than a meteorological drought.
Destin says for the medium term: at the end of the nine-month period ending June 2018, a drought watch is in effect, as a moderate drought, or worse, is possible for Antigua.
Meanwhile, for the long-term: 12-month period ending August 2018, a drought warning is also in effect.
Other droughts that could be on the way, if not already here, are agrometeorological, Hydrological, socioeconomic and ecological droughts.

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