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Drivers charged for separate dangerous driving crashes


Two men are to appear in court this afternoon charged with dangerous driving in connection with two separate accidents over the weekend.

Brad Kadeem Samuel, 25, of Yorks, is the motorist whose vehicle crashed into the glass doors of Cost Pro Supermarket Friday night, narrowly missing a woman who was walking out of the establishment.

Meanwhile, Kenroy Samuel, 35, of All Saints, is being hauled to court for the two-car smashup that occurred by the junction at Dee’s Service  Station on Old Parham Road, Saturday night.

Yvonne Richards, a supervisor at KFC, was seriously injured when Samuel’s car slammed into the SUV in which she was a passenger.

The Parham woman underwent surgery at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for a head injury. She is also hospitalised with burns to her chest, the result of scalding water from the radiator of Samuel’s vehicle.



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