Drag Racing Presidency Hopeful Say Safety Her Top Priority

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By Neto Baptiste

Drag racing stalwart Lisa Abraham said safety will, once again, take precedence if she is chosen to lead the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA) when the body holds its electoral congress early next year.

Abraham — who was first elected president in 2013 replacing Anthony “Spanky” Spencer but left the post in 2016 citing personal reasons — believes more can be done to make racing at the North Sound International Raceway safer for all. 

“We need to have guard walls in place so that if a car goes off [the track] it is not heading into the concrete plant, so we need something to be able to stop it. Because we have a track and people see we have a facility now, more people are investing, more cars are coming out and as the cars come out everybody wants to be at the top,” she said.

Abraham, during her three-year tenure from 2013-2016, was a stickler for safety, an obsession that won her both animosity and affection from those within the fraternity.

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