Dr. Newton says ‘how’ MP Michael was relieved is important

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Political commentator Dr. Isaac Newton says that contrary to a headline interpretation that he “disagrees” with Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s decision to strip MP Asot Michael of his Cabinet portfolios, he’s actually more concerned with how it was done.
In a letter to OBSERVER media clarifying the newspaper article published on Wednesday and which was based upon his radio commentary on Tuesday, he said, “I advocated for grace over haste. I am not against the PM relieving any minister of his duties when he chooses to do so. Nor am I against elected MPs choosing to replace the PM anytime they wish to do so. Both the PM and elected officials serve the public at each other’s privilege.”
He added that, “’How’ the PM relieves the minister of his duties was more important to me. Style and substance bolster each other. Style could undermine as much as substance could heal when conflicts are ripe.”
The official highlighted three criteria that “strategic” leaders should take into consideration when making decisions under pressure, such as the circumstances in which the prime minister found himself. These are: information, analysis, and communication.
Dr. Newton made the point that the PM did not have sufficient data as he, Browne, admitted via press release to take the position he advanced in the manner in which he did it.
The political scientist said he filtered his commentary through the lens of the politics of morality and the morality of politics, and he added, “the point is that most politicians use what is right to cover dirty politics, instead of using what is right to correct it.”
He concluded that, “The implication was that the PM’s actions could have been done in a far more dignified manner. I did not want the PM to come across as judge and jury given the limited information he had at the time…I am for these processes to be done with integrity, intelligence, diplomacy, and governmental best practices, all of which should conform to a healthy democracy.”
Editor’s note: Observer Media stands by its original headline and article.

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