DNA still working on its constitution

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The newly formed Democratic National Alliance (DNA) is still “working on” its constitution and until its first official convention its founding members – including Member of Parliament (MP) Joanne Massiah – are just that: officially founding members.
According to one such member, Bruce Goodwin, the DNA’s constitution will create a markedly different organisational structure compared to those used by other political parties in Antigua & Barbuda.
 “We are working on it at the moment and at the appropriate time the elements of that constitution will be discussed widely with the public in various meetings and forums before it is completely finalised,” he said.
Goodwin added, “We think structure is very important in delivering the function of an organisation. In terms of wishing to have an organisation that functions somewhat differently from those established entities we will have a different structure.”
Massiah and other former United Progressive Party (UPP) members formed the DNA after the MP (Massiah) abandoned a UPP leadership race in 2015, citing manipulation of the electoral process. She was subsequently barred from contesting elections on the UPP’s ticket, and was finally expelled from the party in February of this year.
So far, those known to be members of the DNA include Massiah, Goodwin, former UPP Senator Anthony Stuart, Malaka Parker and former executive members of the UPP Gatesworth James and Angela Payne-Maginley.
It is not known whether Massiah’s entire slate of candidates that she took into the UPP leadership convention in 2015 have all defected to her new Democratic National Alliance party.

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