Distributor says Capri Sun product recall should not affect local consumers

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A press release on Monday advised that Capri Sun’s ‘Wild Cherry Flavoured Juice Drink Blend’ was being recalled due to possible contamination (Photo courtesy Amazon)
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This week’s voluntary recall of a Capri Sun drink product should not affect consumers in Antigua and Barbuda – that’s based on word from the brand’s local distributor, Anjo Wholesale.

In a press release on Monday, the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division advised that Capri Sun’s ‘Wild Cherry Flavoured Juice Drink Blend’, manufactured by Kraft Heinz in the US, was being recalled after a diluted cleaning solution – which is used on food processing equipment – was “inadvertently introduced into a production line at one of the company’s factories”.

According to the manufacturer, the only product affected was the Wild Cherry flavour with a “best when used by” date of June 25 2023. No other Capri Sun flavours, it added, have been affected or are part of the voluntary recall.

That advice was immediately met with concern from members of the public, who understandably questioned whether the recalled product was on local shelves, and whether anyone may have purchased and/or consumed it. 

“We just want to advise our consumers that our Capri Sun brand is actually made in Jamaica by our partner, GraceKennedy, and it’s not a part of the recall announced [on Monday] by the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division,” Group Marketing Manager at Anjo Wholesale, Kiz Johnson, explained.

“That Capri Sun brand that is being recalled is actually manufactured at Kraft Heinz out of the US, so our Capri Sun brand does not fall within that category.”

Johnson thanked customers for their continued support, and encouraged the public to check Anjo’s social media channels for any further communication relevant to the matter.

The Prices and Consumer Affairs Division also advised consumers who may have purchased the product not to drink it, but rather return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

In May, a recalled Jif peanut butter product was found on shelves in Antigua; hundreds of the jars were discarded without any reports of consumers being adversely affected.

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