Disability association head concerned about electoral process

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The head of the Antigua and Barbuda Association for Persons with Disabilities is encouraging members to vote with their conscience on election day and not to be influenced by people who may be assisting them during the electoral process.
Bernard Warner, president of the association, said some members of the disabled community are vulnerable and people could easily take advantage of
He said this is of grave concern to the association and he is, therefore, appealing to his members to exercise their franchise in a free and fair manner and vote for the candidate of their own choosing.
“Everyone has an individual right to choose who they will be voting for and where they will vote. But, be on the lookout for persons who appear to have your best interest at heart. Vote on national issues and what is in your best interest,” Warner said.
Warner is also concerned about the accommodations that will be put in place for disabled people at the various polling stations.
He said he has received repeated complaints about this problem.
Meanwhile, Elisa Graham, public relations officer, of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC), confirmed that proper arrangements are in place for disabled people who will be casting their vote on March 21.
“Most of the polling stations are located in areas with a flat surface specifically for people who are wheel-chair bound. Persons with a disability will also be given preferential treatment on election day,” Graham said.
She explained that the presiding officers at each polling station are aware of such arrangements.

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